We have 3 companies –

  • Willowbrook Foods Ltd

  • Willowbrook Fine Foods

  • Willowbrook Food Innovation Centre

This is very comprehensive. We take raw materials, local products. Then we wash, peel, cook, dice, slice and ensure total preparation and produce a wide range of ready to use products within the salad, vegetable and meal accompaniment categories.

Our facilities are totally modern and we are able to carry out all processes. Our most recent acquisition is a very innovative Ray Tech X-Ray machine to identify all types of foreign bodies.

We currently have a comprehensive range of bowls and trays for various leaf salads, deli salads, sandwich fillers, vegetable and meal accompaniment packaging.

The Innovation Centre has a specialised New Product Development (NPD) kitchen with a comprehensive range of equipment to supplement our projects.

Our Presentation room is fully equipped to present presentations to potential clients and is equipped with full conferencing facilities.

We have our own packaging library on site. This enables us to show our customers the range available to them and we can then bring their ideas and concepts to reality by presenting their products in various bowls and packaging that can be bespoke and tailored to our client’s individual needs.