Willowbrook Food Innovation Centre – A unique dedicated product development facility in Ireland, “THE FOOD ISLAND”.

Since 1976 Willowbrook Farm and Food Company have been in the forefront of prepared fresh vegetables and salads, now Ireland’s most progressive innovative food company. Success was built on constant improvement in product development expanding throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our success lies with our complete understanding of our clients business and their requirements. We take time and care to research high street brands, current food and customer trends. Innovation is or way of life.

In 2012 John McCann the founder put his passion into building a Food Innovation Centre, recruiting a young highly trained team from Queens University and the University of Ulster in food sciences to drive his vision. We develop products for RETAIL, FOOD SERVICE and MANUFACTURING.

Today the two companies Willowbrook Foods (large range of vegetables and salads) and Willowbrook Fine Foods (Superior cooked and ready to cook products) are driven by the specialised Innovation Centre.

To all our customers and prospective customers we passionately put development first, our customers want development and we love giving it. To cement our passionate relationship every customer has an embedded innovation Support Manager assigned to help progress.